An upcoming for-profit AllYuuji zine, a JJK fanzine, where we love and appreciate our sunshine main character, Yuuji Itadori!Status: PRODUCTION


This is an unofficial fanzine centered around Jujutsu Kaisen's main character, Yuuji Itadori!The theme of the zine will be "Citrus" based off of Yuuji's canonical scent of oranges! It will include various connected themes related to spring/summer as well to go along with our theme of "Citrus."This zine is a proship zine, allowing gen and ship content involving Yuuji. This includes both artwork and fanfiction centered around our beloved main character.Any Jujutsu Kaisen character that has appeared from the beginning to end of the canon manga and anime can be included in the zine!There will be two versions of the zine—SFW and NSFW. Both versions will include gen and ships. The SFW version of the zine will be strictly PG13, while the NSFW version will be strictly for 18+.


☆ Head, Finance, Shipping ModIntroducing Mod Mitsu, our super enthusiastic and dedicated Head Mod, who will also be handling finance and shipping.Mitsu is an over-caffeinated student who has been in fandom for way too long (since the citrus scale was a thing) and has a terrible habit of shipping the mc of any anime with everyone else--hence AllYuuji. JJK has a special place in Mitsu’s heart since it was the fandom that finally got her to write fics!

☆ Art ModIntroducing Mod Frappes, our brilliant and super skilled Art Mod.Frappes is a long-time fandom lurker who only started actively participating because of Yuuji. While she has the same terrible habit as mod Mitsu, the Yuuji pair that has her soft is definitely Nanaita!Mod Experience: Intern art and socials mod for Astraeus: A BNHA Astrology Zine.

☆ Organisation & Socials ModIntroducing Mod Magnus, our super organised and well experienced Socials & Organisation Mod.Magnus is a self confessed fandom weirdo with a passion for body horror and all things eldritch. They’re a huge Jujutsu Kaisen lover with a soft spot for GoYuu and NanaGo!Mod Experience: Co-Head, Organisation, & Socials for Intertwined: A KakaIru Zine, A Thousand Lights Zine, Dimensions: A Naruto AU Artbook, The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's Hot, Astraeus: A BNHA Astrology Zine, The Dawn of Spring: A MXTX Spring Zine, and When Gods Wander Zine. Coordination & Organisation for IidaTenBros: The Iida Zine (2022). General & Socials for The ShikaTema Zine.Plus several other fanevents and Discord servers.

☆ Formatting & Graphics ModIntroducing Mod Atlass, our brilliant Graphics & Formatting Mod who has a flair for epic design.Atlass is a graphic designer by day, illustrator by night, and a caffeine addict always. She’s pretty new to the zine scene but is crashing in with enthusiasm, joining 7 zine projects as a mod or contributor just this year.Mod Experience: Intern Art Mod for Dimensions: A Naruto AU Artbook. Art Mod for The Dawn of Spring: A MXTX Zine. Head, Art, Graphics, Layout & Shipping Mod for IidaTenBros: The Iida Zine (2022)

☆ Beta ModIntroducing Mod Alex, one of two experienced and brilliant Beta Mods.Alex is an angst gremlin through and through - reader tears are his favorite drink! He's been involved in over 20 zines and is thrilled to work with everyone on this one.Mod Experience: Head Mod for Dread: A Horror Sheith Zine, Beta Mod for Brat: Bottom Bakugou Zine, A Thousand Lights Zine, The Nanami Cookbook: Chop It Like It's Hot, Discord Mod for Discipline Case: BDSM Sheith Zine, General Mod for Dimensions: A Naruto AU Artbook and Til Death Do Us Part: A Sylvix Story.

☆ Beta ModIntroducing Mod Ari, one of two wonderful and experienced Beta Mods.Ari is an eternally tired glasses character with way too many interests and a penchant for making egg-related pseudonyms. They enjoy wearing bows and big sweatshirts. Despite loving their son Yuuji, this egg is indecisive and can’t choose a favorite character in JJK because they’re all super good.Mod Experience: Co-Head & Writing Mod for Let’s Magical Cooking~!: A Magical Girl Cookbook Zine, Writing Mod for ES21Fanzine, Finance Mod - Till Death Do Us Part: A Hu Tao Shipping Zine, Writing Mod for World Between Worlds: A Star Wars Fanzine.


This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Interest CheckMay 22 - July 7
Mod ApplicationsAugust 9 - August 18
Mod ResultsAugust 19 - August 20
Contributor ApplicationsAugust 21 - September 18
contributor ResultsSeptember 19 - September 25
• Check In 1November 8
• Check In 2December 8
• Check In 3January 8
• Final SubmissionFebruary 24 - 31
pre-ordersFebruary - March
ProductionApril - May
ShippingJune - July


What is a zine?
A zine is an unofficial fanmade publication that usually includes artwork/illustrations and written works.
What is the theme of the zine?
The theme of the zine is "Citrus" based off of Yuuji's canonical scent of oranges! It will include various connected themes related to spring/summer as well to go along with our theme.
There will be two versions of the zine, a SFW version titled "Citrus" and a NSFW version titled "Lemon."Will the zine be physical or digital?
The SFW version "Citrus" will be made into a physical zine while the NSFW version "Lemon" will remain a digital zine.
Will the zine be for-profit or for-charity?
This zine will be for-profit. We would like to provide our contributors and mods with a physical copy of the SFW zine. All other proceeds made from the zine will go towards production and shipping costs, especially with the recent price increase in production costs and shipping costs.
What is the rating of the zine?
One version will be SFW and PG13, while the other version will be NSFW and strictly for 18+.
Will there be ships in the zine?
Yes! There will be both general and ships included in this zine. Please keep in mind that this is a proship zine.
What ships will be allowed in the zine?
From platonic to romantic/sexual ships, all Yuuji ships will be allowed in the zine. Poly ships will also be allowed. The SFW version of the zine will include gen and romantic Yuuji ships while the NSFW version will include more explicit and mature content with various ships involving Yuuji.
Will the zine include only bottom!Yuuji or also switch?
The zine will include bottom!Yuuji only.
What characters will be in this zine?
Any characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga can be included. This zine is centered around the main character, Yuuji Itadori, so it will focus on him and his relationship with other characters.
Are manga spoilers allowed?
Yes, manga spoilers are allowed. Please be aware if you are an anime-only.
Who can contribute to this zine?
Mods must be 18+ with prior experience either as a zine mod or a zine contributor.
Contributors for the SFW version of the zine must be 16+, while contributors for the NSFW version of the zine must be 18+. Prior zine experience is not required to be a contributor.How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will received a free digital copy of both zine version if they are 18+. Other contributors, who are 16 or 17 will receive only a digital copy of the SFW zine. If possible, we would like to also provide at least a physical copy of the SFW zine as well to all contributors.


Find us over on Twitter and Curious Cat!Got a question? You can reach us through any of the socials linked below, or alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]